About Edukitonline.co.in

Q. What is Edukitonline.co.in?

Ans. Edukitonline.co.in is a web to print e-printing management system where preparation of design to finish product, accounting, reporting, dispatches are controlled and streamlined at one plateform. It allows you to place order and final products quickly and efficiently eliminating time & energy consuming processing.

Q. How do I get in touch with you?

Ans. Easy! Just drop us an email at customercare@printingonline.co.in any time. You can also call us at 93133 33848 from Monday to Saturday at 10am to 6pm except holidays.

Q. What is your corporate office address?

Ans. Reach us at: C-190, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase I, Main Road, Above IDBI Bank, New Delhi - 110028

Q. What about privacy and security of my Design?
Ans. Information we receive for order processing or from inquiries is not shared with any other company, person or website. Your information is only used to contact you when necessary. Our secure shopping cart uses the latest secure server technology. Your order is submitted and retrieved with a secure connection to our server and remains secure at all times.

Q. What is personalization?

Edukit is one of the distinct online portals offering you a fabulous range of educational items for all school institution events. Personalization equips you to add a touch of your style to your items that you want to purchase.

Q. How can I personalize a product?

Ans. Simple! All you need to do is choose your product and customize it with your name/text/art/design etc.

Q. Is it necessary to choose from your existing design templates?

Ans. Absolutely not! You can either choose from our existing design templates or can upload your own designs/art/logo/text. Kindly note that all the uploaded information are kept confidential with us and are used solely for the purpose for your order processing and reorder.

Q. How can I upload my own designs?

Ans. You can choose any product of your choice and then click on the Quote button and Add to Cart. New window appears, where Edit Items & Design Source open, here click upload your file and you can easily upload your designs.

Q. Can you print jobs that are different than the standard formats that you offer?

Ans. Yes. Use our form on the Custom Printing Prices page to request a quote on any job that doesn't fit our standard formats

Q. How do I place an order and have my graphic designer upload my files separately?

Ans. When you place your order, select the “upload my files." option. The link beneath this option allows you to send an email to the person with your files, giving them both your order # and a link to the page they will use to upload your files. When you finish placing your order by clicking the "Send Order" button, you will receive a confirmation that includes your order Number. Give your designer your order number and have them upload the files from our file upload page. Do not have them upload the files without your order number, or we may not be able to match them with your order. 

Q. Does the quality/color of picture I upload appear same after it gets printed?

Ans. We do not guarantee the color of the uploaded pictures/designs as the process have inherent limitation due to different process involved. The images where some loss of color is always applicable.



Q. How do I register and start my new account?

Ans. Please click on the Sign up. You will then be prompted to a page create your account. Fill in your details as requested. Once Registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to the address you registered with.

Q. Is it necessary to have an account to shop on Edukitonline.co.in?

Ans. Yes

Q. How will I know if my order is placed successfully?

Ans. You will receive an email confirmation from Edukit once your order is successfully placed. This mail will have all the details related to your order.

Q. The order I received is not complete. What do I do?

Ans. Please call the Customer Support at 9313333848 and or drop an email at customercare@printingonline.co.in. We will fix it right-away.

Q. How do I re-order previously bought items?

Ans. Easy! Please log into your account, go to order history and reorder! For further details click to Guidelines Menu.

Q. Is it necessary to have an account to shop on Edukitonline.co.in?

Ans. Yes you have to register first.

Q. Is there an extra charge for bleeds? 

Ans. No. Unlike many other companies, all our prices include full bleeds free of charge.

Q. How do I order multiple pieces?

Ans. To keep things simple, please place a separate order for each different printed piece you want produced. For example, if you want 3 different 11x17 brochures, please place 3 orders. Obviously, the price for 3,000 of one brochure is not the same as the price for 1,000 each of 3 different brochures. 

Q. What kind of paper will my job be printed on? 

Ans. We have several paper types available, depending on what you are ordering. The individual pricing pages show available options. 

Q. How well will my job match what I see on my monitor? 

Ans. Most people are surprised at how well their job matches what they see. But because of wide differences in monitor calibration and the different technologies used, some printed colors may not exactly match the colors on your specific monitor. Please see our RGB – CMYK Information page for important instructions on getting the results you want. Our Design Hints page has additional information and illustrations.

Q. Will you match a sample I print out on my own printer, or a previously printed sample? 

Ans. At edukitonline.co.in, part of the way we offer fast turnaround and low pricing is by printing to a "pleasing color" standard, using standard ink densities. Therefore, there is no guarantee that your finished piece will approximate your printed sample. This is due in part to the widely varying results from different output devices including inkjet and laser printers, continuous tone proofing devices, high-resolution film-based proofs, and different than true offset lithography. Even from one commercial printing firm to another, there can be significant differences in results. In particular, inkjet and laser prints are known to look substantially different than true offset lithograph.

Q. If you require precise color match, please contact us to arrange for a digital color proof.

Ans. Once you approve the additional fees, we will produce and send you a hard proof. When you approve and return the proof, we will strive to match the color of the proof when printing your final piece.

There are substantial additional charges for precise color match service. Also, if you request color correction or other changes after you see your proof, there will be additional charges for color correction time and a new proof.

Bottom line: the final product we produce for you is unlikely to match the output from your inkjet -- it will look more professional! 

Q. How long does it take for me to get the proof of my job?

Ans. Once you have placed your order, you should get it within 2 business days after we receive your electronic files. 

Q. How long will it take to get my order?

Ans. Jobs will be shipped within specified days mentioned in the order you approve your proof online. Please check the specific product ordering page for available turnaround times.

Q. How can I get my order even faster?

Ans. Our standard service is quite fast. If you want to receive your order faster, select one of our faster handling options or upgraded shipping options when you place your order. 

Q. I need personal assistance on my order .Who can I contact?

Ans. Sure! You can drop us an email at customercare@printingonline.co.in. You can also call us at 9313333848



Q. Can I send you documents created in MS Word or PowerPoint?

Ans. Absolutely! If you have created documents in Word or PowerPoint that contain photos, clip-art, or other color images, send them in. Same great service, same great pricing. 

Q. What other file formats can you take?

Ans. We can take any Pagemaker, InDesign, CorelDRAW!, Illustrator, Photoshop, Publisher, Word, PowerPoint, any file output as a PDF or listed on our File Formats page. If you have other file formats, we may be able to handle them, too. Just ask!

Q. What types of storage media do you accept?

Ans. We can take your files on a CD, DVD or flash drive.

Q. How much bleed should I have for an envelope?

Ans. 1/8 inch is the correct amount since it will wrap a little to the back of the envelope. 

Q. Do I need to impose my business cards 8-up or 10-up if they will be printed more than 1 to a sheet?

Ans. No, send us a single layout of your job un-imposed, we will handle any imposition needed on our end.

Q. How should I take pictures with my digital camera?

Ans. Digital cameras are wonderful tools that allow us to capture our images in many different ways. The camera is designed to actually take three pictures; one in red, one in green and the other in blue (similar to the way a projection TV works). It then combines the colors together and saves the image onto the picture card. It is very important to make sure that the camera is set to the highest quality setting possible. This means that if you can only save one image on the picture card instead of 12, 64 or 128 images, then this is good! You want to create the best quality picture that the camera can make. This will mean large file sizes and slow downloads from the camera itself, but it will get you the best possible results from your camera. Remember, images should be at 300dpi in their final size in the layout!

More often than not, we notice that images that come from digital cameras print darker than expected on the printing press. Check to see if you have a brightness option in your image editing program to lighten the entire piece. If you have the opportunity to change the color space from RGB (red, green, blue) to the printing press colors of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), then do so! It is always better to have you change the color space if you can, than for us to do it. Remember, not all colors that you can see that are created by elements of light (RGB) can be created by the elements of ink (CMYK) on press. If you do not have this capability with your software, do not worry about it, we will change it for you for free! Finally, we recommend that you apply a little sharpening to the image. This will make the image a little crisper and will print better on press.

Q. How can I tell what resolution the image from my digital camera is?

Ans. Some digital cameras will let you know what the image resolution is, while others will tell you what the pixel dimensions of your image are. If you know what the pixel dimensions of your images are either from the camera itself or through the image editing software, you can do a little math to determine the resolution, and the size you can print the image at for clear and crisp printing.

Simply write down the pixel dimensions of your image and divide those numbers by 300 if the image does not include text and 400 if the image does include text. For example: An image without any text has a pixel dimension of 600 x 900 pixels. Once each dimension is divided by 300 the result is 2 x 3 inches. This means that you can use this image at 2 x 3 inches or smaller in your layout for quality printing results.

If your image editing software does not tell you what the pixel dimensions are, but it does tell you what the resolution is, then you know the maximum size you can use that image in your layout. We recommend that images be at 300dpi in their final size in the layout and 400dpi if the images include text. Please keep in mind that resolution and physical dimensions are in direct proportion to each other. If you have an image that is 2x2 at 300dpi and increase its size in the layout to 4x4 the new resolution is now 150dpi. So remember, when you bring an image in to your layout you can shrink it down in size (because the resolution will increase) but you will be limited as to how far you can increase it in size. See our resolution page for more information on image resolution.

Q. Where can I get more information on file and image resolution?

Ans. Our resolution page has a comprehensive explanation of resolution and tips on how to properly prepare images to achieve the best quality printing.

Q. Do you have templates to help me correctly design my project?

Ans. Templates are available on some of the product ordering pages. Our Design Templates page has a list of currently available templates. Look for more in the near future.

Q. Where can I get more information on file preparation?

Ans. Our technicians are always available to assist you during business hours. You can reach us by email customercare@edukitonline.co.in and by phone at 93133 33848. 



Q. Can I cancel an order?

Ans. In order to get your order delivered to you soon, we start working on your orders same day. As long as your order has not been processed, we can cancel it and refund your amount. Please get in touch with our customer support team to cancel your order. The refund will be initiated in the form of voucher that will be emailed to you immediately. However, the cancellation of orders will be done only if they are respected to below listed terms and conditions:

You are requested to immediately email at customercare@printingonline.co.in or call at 9313333848 along with your order number for any cancellations to be made.

Your orders can also be cancelled if Edukit team finds your payments have not been received. Check below for further details:

Non receipt of Payment- In case the payment for the order is not made Edukit will automatically cancel the order. An email notification is sent to you when we cancel the order.

Once the order put into process, it will not be cancelled in any case. Advance money will be forfeited.

Q. Can I return the products that I have received?

Ans. Sorry but we do not entertain any return or exchange.

Q. Can I provide my material for printed?

Ans. Yes. You may provide paper / other raw material for printing.

Q. Can I modify my order after placing it?

Ans. No. You cannot make any changes to the design after placing the order. We understand that in cases, you may want to alter the quantity of a product in your placed order. You may even require having your shipping address updated. These changes are allowed till we have begun processing your order. For such requests, please get in touch with Customer Care immediately along with your order number.

Q. What if I want to change something on my order after I've placed it or approved the proof?

Ans. We require an electronic "paper trail" for all changes made after your initial order is placed. You may make changes to such things as quantity, shipping method, or shipping address by going to the change order request page. Please note that some changes cannot be made after certain stages in the production process for instance, the quantity & designs cannot be changed once your job has been printed. 

Q. When will I receive my refund for a cancelled order?

Ans. We cancel your order as soon as the request is accepted as per the terms & condition mentioned herein generated and the refund (if any) process is initiated within 72 hours.It further takes 5-7 working days for the amount to be credited in your account. Please note if the payment is made via Credit Card, it might take 20-22 working days for the credited amount to reflect in your account details.

Q. What if the product that I received has faults or is damaged?

Ans. We take special care to deliver your products in the excellent condition. However, you can if you receive any product in unusable condition, you can contact our customer care and they will do the needful.

For further assistance on cancellation and returns please read our return policy. 



Q. How long does it take for delivery?

Ans. Depending on the shipping address within India, post ordering, this should take 5-7 days overall to get delivered. In some rare cases, due to delivery address accessibility issues, it may take longer to receive the shipment.

Sometimes, delivery may take longer due to bad weather, flight delays, political disruptions and other unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, we will proactively reach out to you. Please check your emails and SMS regularly for such updates.

Q. Will I always receive exactly the quantity I order?
Ans. Most of the time, we ship you slightly more than you ordered, free of charge. On occasion, we ship slightly fewer pieces than you ordered. Printing industry trade standards allow for underages of up to 5%. If you plan to send your print order to a mailing list or need a guaranteed quantity, we recommend that you order 5% over the minimum quantity you need. 

Q. Do you have any shipping charges?

Ans. Our shipping charges shall be mentioned in the Invoice.

Q. Is there a discount if I re-order my job? 
Ans. No, exact reprints will be charged as per our ordering system. But notice how little additional copies cost. It's way cheaper to print a few extra the first time. To place a reprint order, simply go to the pricing and ordering page for the product you want, and enter the quantity and other specifications as usual. In the Select Your File Transfer Method section, choose Exact Reprint of Previous Order #, then enter in the number of the job you want reprinted. Enter in your billing and shipping information and we will post a proof for you to approve right away! (This guarantees that we are reprinting the job you want.) Of course you will get the delivery in less time.

Q. Does Edukitonline.co.in deliver internationally?

Ans. We do not deliver outside India. However, we can consider shipping bulk orders. For further queries, you can drop an email at customercare@edukitonline.co.in

Q. How do I change my shipping address after my order has been placed?

Ans. No Problem! You can simply call our customer care at customercare@edukitonline.co.in and let us know your new address but before despatch of consignment.

Q. Do you take extra care while delivering brittle products?

Ans. We take special care to deliver our products in excellent condition .We use eco-friendly packaging to keep our products safe and secured from external damages.

Q. What if the products that I received are damaged/broken?

Ans. We take extra care while delivering your products in the excellent condition possible. However, for further details, you can read our Return policies.

Q. How to get a faster delivery?

Ans. If you want to get a faster delivery in case of emergency then get connected to our sales team. We would make a faster delivery happen for you for which extra charges would be applicable. The charges would be as per express delivery charges.



Q. What are the payment options available at Edukitonline.co.in?

Ans. The payment options we support are Net Banking - You can pay when you put in your order-request to the sales person. (Applicable only for Delhi-NCR).

All the online payments are processed through Instant Pay payment gateways, which provide secure encrypted connections for all credit card, debit card and net banking transactions.

Q. How does Cash on delivery payment method works?

Ans. We provide you the facility of making partial cash payments at time of delivery of the confirmed order. The payment will be required to be made to the delivery boy at time of receiving the product. Please ensure that the product packaging has not been tampered with, before making the payment and receiving the order. Kindly note you will need to make the payment before opening the product packaging.

Q. There was an error while processing payment. How will I know if the payment went through successfully?

Ans. In case of payment errors/failure, please retry ensuring:

  • Information passed on to payment gateway is accurate, i.e. account details, billing address, password (in case of net banking)
  • Your internet connection is not disrupted in the process.
  • If your account has been debited after a payment failure, it will be rolled back after confirmation from the bank. It will take about 7-10 business days for the refund. You can get in touch with Customer Care along with your order number and details of the amount deducted, or send an email to customercare@printingonline.co.in for any further clarifications.

Q. Why can't I see the COD option on my payment page?

Ans. We regret the inconvenience but this might be due to either your order does not fall into our COD applicable items.

Q. Do your Quoted prices include Taxes?

Ans. Taxes are mentioned in the web order itself separately.